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Explore Micro loan product. Expand and grow your business with micro loan at a low and stress free interest rate.


You need the following to be eligible for Micro Loan Module:

  • Loan amount entitlement between #101,000 - #500,000.
  • Loan form of 0.5% of the loan amount
  • Bureau search of minimum of #1,000
  • Interest rate of 4.5% monthly
  • Compulsory savings is 1% and above of the loan value
  • Equity contribution of 10% of the loan amount.
  • No moratorium included
  • Two Guarantors with Valid I.D Card and one recent passport with detailed description of the guarantor’s house and shop.
  • The guarantors must be a civil/business owner.
  • The civil servant will present 3 updated cheques with 3 months statement of account.
  • Presentation of collateral by the borrower i.e. unexpired complete vehicle documents or landed property with survey plan and land agreement.
  • Presentation of the pictures of the collateral presented.
  • Passport and means of I.D card of the beneficiary
  • The borrower must have a shop or business place as the major collateral and main criteria for accessing the loan.
  • Presentation of the spouse passport and means of I.D card as next of kin.
  • Transfer of collateral ownership to Seap Mfb
  • Affidavit to be sworn on the collateral, loanee passport must be affixed on the affidavit
  • Loanee's house/shop pre disbursement slip to be completed.
  • Letter of undertaking to be completed by the guarantors and the account officer.
  • Inspection to the borrower and the guarantors place.
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  • Repayment tenor is within 6 month.
  • Repayment plan on weekly basis for 26 weeks / monthly basis for 6 months.
  • Default fine of 10% of the repayment amount (Non- Negotiable).


  • Visit any of our Branches to obtain a loan form or download the form online.
  • Have the filled form scan to customerservice@seapmfb.com
  • Visit our branch for identification and verification if you downloaded the loan form online
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